SANDSTORM HEART by Liv OlteanoSandstorm Heart by Liv Olteano
Series: Space Files #2
Genres: Erotica, Gay, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Reviewed by Lisa

They were both born on Kator and they were both soldiers.  There the similarities ended.  Ron Vid is a Celian, Zaoh is Haffa.  Their people have been at war what seems like forever.  They were always enemies, though the day Vid’s best friend was killed in battle by Zaoh’s sister Tela the Celian swore personal vengeance.  Unfortunately capturing Zaoh and Tela didn’t bring Vid the peace he craved.  Even when the interrogator’s actions killed her and The Haffa escaped Vid was left empty.


After the encounter Vid fled the planet and was labeled a traitor.  Becoming a mercenary was his best option and luckily Vid’s been able to hook up with renowned empath Amaari or Ami as part of his team.  Apparently fate is a fickle bitch because Zaoh is also now part of Ami’s team and they are expected to play nice.


Why their leader sends the pair on a mission together is anyone’s guess.  Maybe to figure out a way to ease the ever present crackling tension whenever they share a room?  Maybe to finally vent their issues once and for all. Or maybe it’s something else neither wants to admit to no matter how much they crave each other.  It should be a most interesting mission.


Erotic delights. Deadly battles.  Heady drama and high tension fracture apart in Sandstorm Heart, a truly compelling tale.  Intense carnal scenes play out against the characters’ emotional angst.  Zaoh is the stoic warrior.  Vid plagued by guilt so long it’s now a part of him.  Sandstorm Heart is a hardcore sensual romance played out in the stars.  Smokin’ hot.

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