THE SAPPHIRE HEIST by Lauren Blakely

THE SAPPHIRE HEIST by Lauren BlakelyThe Sapphire Heist by Lauren Blakely
Series: Jewel Novel #2
Genres: Contemporary
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Expert scuba diver Steph Anderson is down in the Cayman Islands to promote Ariel’s Island Eco-Adventure Tours.  Introducing exquisite reefs and marine life to enthusiastic tourists is a professional high.  She is also trying to figure out what’s going on with a cache of diamonds, including one she had in her own safe – before it was stolen.  At first she blamed her lover, but it’s become apparent that her ex-stepfather has to be involved.


Bounty hunter Jake Harlowe is down in the islands searching for a client’s money converted from cash to diamonds.  After a night of memorable passion followed by mistaken suspicions Jake and Steph are on the trail wherever it may lead.


As their relationship strengthens they realize there are more suspects than gems.  Meanwhile the real villains make plans to cash out and flee.  Millions in diamonds, love and danger.  The Caymans make a lovely setting to catch a thief, or two.


An intriguing whodunit/whodidn’t emerges on a tropical paradise for readers to embrace.  The Sapphire Heist features a fast paced plotline, sizzling heat between Jake and Steph, and loads of guilty characters.  There’s no end to the trouble these lovers get into in The Sapphire Heist.  Their relationship is hot and the plotline fascinates, but the large cast of characters can become too much to remember at times.  Enjoy Steph and Jake, enjoy their guesswork, and hopefully don’t get lost along the way.

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