SAVAGE NATURE by Christine Feehan

SAVAGE NATURE by Christine Feehan
Savage Nature
by Christine Feehan

Series: Leopard #5
Published by Jove Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Saria Boudreaux loves the Louisiana Bayou she calls home. Photographing the wildlife is her passion but what she stumbles upon while taking pictures turns her world upside down. Dead bodies keep landing in her swamp and they all appear to have been killed by a leopard. That’s not only disturbing since the bayou isn’t a leopards natural habitat but her brothers are leopard shifters. Saria is terrified that one of them could be the killer but she can’t withhold information about the killings any longer. Saria reaches for outside help and this puts a giant target on her back.

Drake Donovan is sent to find out what’s going on in Fenton’s Marsh after an anonymous letter arrives claiming there could be a shape shifting murderer on the loose. Drake hires Saria to be his swamp guide and it doesn’t take long for the firecracker to light him up like no one has before. The attraction between them is like a fire burning out of control and it can only mean one thing: Saria is his mate. Can he claim this wild woman when she doesn’t even know she has a leopard inside her? More importantly can he keep her safe from the men who want to claim her as theirs and the killer determined to take her out of the picture permanently?

Savage Nature is dark gritty and sexy as hell! This is the fifth book in the Leopard series. It is not necessary to have read previous novels to love this one but it does make this story more special. I have been a huge fan of Drake Donovan for awhile now anxiously awaiting his story. I was not disappointed!! I love Savage Nature! I was ready to read it over again immediately. I think Saria is the perfect woman for the dashing Drake! Saria has the perfect amount of vulnerability and sass to make her character lovable. I truly felt for her and the situation she grew up in. I love that Drake, being the hero I’ve grown to love, swoops in and falls hard for Saria. I absolutely loved seeing Drake once again become whole after suffering a horrible injury. Savage Nature is an action-packed novel filled with brutal fights, killer villains, and a sizzling romance! Christine Feehan is keeping her Leopard series invigorating with knockout stories and terrific characters. Savage Nature is wild and thrilling from beginning to end!

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