SAVED BY THE HAWK by Jackie Nacht & Stephani Hecht

SAVED BY THE HAWK by Jackie Nacht & Stephani HechtSaved by the Hawk by Jackie Nacht, Stephani Hecht
Series: Birds of Prey #1
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books

Reviewed by Lisa

A Birds of Prey five man warrior team is dispatched to Atlanta by their benefactor the goddess Athena to battle with the Blood Demons, spawn of the Keres death spirits who seem to be gaining in numbers.


Patrolling at the nearby college campus one night the teams second in command, Hawk comes across a student fighting for his life against a Blood Demon.  Badly injured in the fight Aaron expects to be taken to the hospital by the stranger who saves him, yet once Hawk spies the birthmark on Aaron’s chest and feels so inexplicably drawn to him all bets are off.


It is Athena who has insured that her Bird of Prey receive a true mate at some point in their long lives.  Finding Aaron is only the beginning they are told.  Their mates are both a reward and a reason to continue the fight.  And now they have learned that each mate will bear the symbol of Athena as a birthmark.  Of course, explaining this to Aaron and hopefully getting him to accept Hawk will take some fast talking.  Better get started.


Authors Jackie Nacht and Stephani Hecht breathe life into an original new Birds of Prey series where mankind is protected by immortal warriors of Athena.  Hawk’s courtship begins with blood and guts and ends with loving Aaron.  A somewhat dark plotline with fearsome enemies, Saved by the Hawk is a refreshing beginning.  Featuring life and death encounters and intense characters this is one edgy drama.

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