SAVING REN by Sloane Kennedy

SAVING REN by Sloane Kennedy
Saving Ren
by Sloane Kennedy

Series: Barretti Security #3
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary, MM
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Special Forces operative Lorenzo ‘Ren’ Barretti and his team were hijacked during a highly sensitive mission.  After a year of brutal captivity Ren is the only one still alive.  Finally, at long last, Ren is rescued by his eldest brother Vin with the help of retired military men.


Arriving home broken in body and soul Ren is a danger to himself and others, which is soon evident after an incident with Vin’s lover Mia.  During another confrontation Ren proves absolutely that he’s got problems.  Fearing his PTSD will harm someone Ren takes off.


At one time Detective Declan Hale was Dom Barretti’s brother-in-law, until Sylvie lost her battle with cancer.  Recently he’s had several run-ins with one of Dom’s employees, bodyguard and retired military Jagger Varos.  It’s a definite clash of dominate personalities whenever they’re in the same room.


When fate and family bring Ren, Declan, and Jagger together in one place the sparks fly into a blazing inferno.  If the cabin they’re staying in doesn’t go up in flames it will be a miracle of epic proportions.


A haunting blend of psychological despair, Saving Ren grabs the reader and won’t let go.  Suffering beyond belief from PTSD Ren is an absolute mess.  If not for the patience and strength of Declan and Jagger the rescued soldier won’t make it.  Each character’s emotional journey is absolutely riveting.  Cleverly tying this Barretti book in the series, Saving Ren is deeply addictive. The Barretti series has incredible emotional drama. Enjoy!

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