SCARLETT RED by P. T. Michelle

SCARLETT RED by P. T. Michelle
Scarlett Red
by P. T. Michelle

Series: In the Shadows #2
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher


Talia met her Blackie many years ago and then met him again just a few years ago as her sexy Mr. Black. That meeting was full of so much sexual contact and discovery, but circumstances forced them apart yet again. Now Talia is no longer a college student with a journalism major, but an up and coming erotic writer who used to be a reporter. However, for being an erotic writer, Talia’s personal life leaves a lot to be desired, and that is how she comes to a resort during the singles weekend. It is also how she meets Sebastian once again, her sexy Mr. Black, and this time even though they don’t meet in costume, it still takes Talia time to believe who he is.


Sebastian has also changed a lot since his last meeting with his Ms. Scarlett. He is no longer in the military, but now has his own security company, and he lost his part of the family fortune by breaking the understanding that would have left him in the shadows of his father’s family. Sebastian has no regrets on any of that, but he has always regretted letting his Scarlett slip through his fingers. Now that she is in his sight once again, Sebastian is determined to make her his once and for all.


As Talia explores the mystery of someone using her pen name, she learns that her Mr. Black is just as forceful as always and also just as sexy. Yes, things have changed for both of them, and yet nothing has changed that instant passion that has always existed between them. Danger has attached itself to Talia, and it takes the wits of both Talia and Sebastian to defeat this threat before anyone else is killed. In the aftermath, Talia is all but ready to submit to Sebastian in every way, not just sexually, but before she can, there is one piece of information that she must tell Sebastian of their past. Before that can happen, once again outside influences have made even more misunderstanding and believed betrayals. Will Scarlett and Mr. Black ever have a chance to see just what they could be together? Or can Talia and Sebastian finally find a way to leave their pasts once and for all and discover the future that seems to be calling and yearning for them?


The next chapter of Scarlett and Mr. Black is even hotter and sexier than ever with danger circling in on them in Scarlett Red.  I have to admit that I had set a pretty high bar for the chapter of Talia and Sebastian’s journey to love. Their first meeting was just so explosive; however, I had nothing to worry about with this meeting. It was even hotter and had a more intense element of suspense that kept them busy while they circled around each other. I really loved how Talia kept wondering if she was losing her mind on thinking Sebastian was with her and then learned her first instincts were more than correct. Sebastian was even more dominating than both of the times he saved Talia, and yet it is so obvious that they belong together. I wanted to scream when this part of their story ended just where it did, and yet it has me more than ready to see what happens during their next encounter.  I know that it will be hotter and sexier than either of these first two parts, and yet I know that many hurt feelings and misunderstanding will need to be cleared away before either Talia or Sebastian can go forward. Scarlett Red will keep you bound to your seat just turning pages spellbound by the intense emotions that surround Talia and Sebastian.

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