Scenes from Adelaide Road
by Helena Stone

Published by Pride Publishing Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Lennart Kelly lost his mother long before he could form memories of her, which left him alone with an insensitive, verbally abusive father.  The small statured, red head was bullied throughout his school years by one group or another.


At nineteen Lennart was about to complete his education when he’s told his paternal grandfather recently passed and left him a beautiful home in a wealthy neighborhood in Dublin.  The inheritance is a godsend after so many tortuous years.  Lennart eagerly takes possession of his new home with the hopes of beginning a peaceful life as a budding author.


On his second night in the new house Lennart gathers his courage and enters a nearby club for the first time.  Looking like a deer in headlights Lennart is struck speechless when Aidan Cassidy gently flirts and buys him a drink.


Fate has kindly given the shy young man someone with the patience to draw him out.  One thing leads to another and Lennart feels blessed because Aidan stands strong beside him.  Strength will be needed too because it seems the house is something his father wants and he’ll stop at nothing to get rid of his son.  Nothing at all.


Scenes From Adelaide Road beautifully rights the wrongs to one gentle soul.  This is a heartwarming tale that proves the power of love and gentle devotion.  Lennart suffered silently for years and begins to come out of his shell under the tender care of his new lover, Aidan.  A well written story of ultimate redemption, Scenes From Adelaide Road lays out a satisfying, feel good journey worth travelling.

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