SCENT OF A WOLF by Draven St. James

SCENT OF A WOLF by Draven St. James
Scent of a Wolf
by Draven St. James

Published by Loose Id Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

At night, in his dreams, the new pack alpha Merek Wahya is sensually wrapped around a silver haired stranger.  They engage in the most decadent and wonderful erotic pleasures imaginable.  Reality with anyone is never as perfect as the time he spends with his mystery dream man.

At one time Jace Shaw was part of an intensely private pack of werewolves.  Not by choice but because of their gifts they were forced to stay apart from others.  Special gifts of healing, telepathy, and others made them stay under the radar for safety’s sake. If not for an opportunistic were named Erickson the pack would have been safe.  He and his men slaughtered most of Jace’s pack and kidnapped others.  Only a few like Jace and his twin Jacob were able to escape.  Ever since that horrible night the twins have searched for survivors.

Late one evening a young, badly injured were stumbles onto Merek’s pack territory.  Cory is starved, scarred, and beaten.  He tells of family being held by a cruel were, of experiments, and worse.  Fate or coincidence – because Jace has also arrived.  Merek’s dream man is real, related to Cory and more importantly he’s Merek’s mate.

Drama, adventure, and hot loving all in one sexy story.  Scent of a Wolf explores the nuances of dreams or reality – lust or love, which can be counted on.  Merek believing in Jace changes everything for the Alpha.  Two strong characters butting heads while at the same time dealing with a maniacal enemy.  The action never stops in this charged plotline and the characters are everything readers expect and more.  There’s no end of entertainment in Scent of a Wolf until the last page ends.

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