SEAL of a Lifetime
by Virna DePaul

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Mitch Trenton is a Navy SEAL who was injured while on the battlefield, and he is determined to get himself back with his team.  Being shipped back stateside for recovery, Mitch is about to meet another physical therapist who has gained a reputation for getting people back on their feet.  Mitch is all set to put in as much hard work as needed to accomplish his goals, but he is struck sideways after meeting his new therapist and the instant attraction that appears.


Paige O’Kelly has worked hard to gain her reputation as a physical therapist and is about to try for the job of her dreams at John Hopkins.  But for now, she has been assigned a new patient who will need her help to be able to walk again unaided, much less go back to active military duty.  When Paige meets Mitch, she is struck by his good looks, cocky attitude, and she automatically says no to his date requests.


As their sessions go on, eventually Mitch wears Paige down and she does agree to a date.  One thing leads to another and Paige realizes that she is attracted to Mitch and, because of their situation, knows she must either end their professional or their personal relationship.  Mitch agrees to a new therapist rather than lose Paige.  But all is not paradise when Mitch pushes his new therapist for approval to be activated back to duty, and Paige’s dream of working at John Hopkins is put at risk by their relationship.  Paige knows she is risking everything when she questions Mitch’s active duty approval by the therapist, but she’d rather lose Mitch than have him hurt or even killed by moving too fast.  It takes serious heart-to-heart talking and airing out all of the hurts and possible betrayals but, in the end, Mitch and Paige learn just what love and trust really mean.


A physical therapist and an injured Navy SEAL will travel the rough and tumble road to true love in SEAL of a Lifetime. I felt for Mitch and how he was single-minded in his goal at getting back to his team.  I also felt for Paige for how she was trying so hard to keep her professional ethics while working with Mitch, and I loved how she finally had him transferred to another person when their relationship turned romantic.  My heart broke for both of them as they were hit by betrayals and rough bumps on achieving their respective professional dreams.  But I really loved how they were able to work through it all and find their way back to each other and their love.  SEALof a Lifetime proves that not all journeys to love are bright and shiny.  Sometimes it’s hard and gritty and full of potholes, but if it really matters, then you can find a way.


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