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SEARCHING FOR SHELTER by Morticia KnightSearching for Shelter by Morticia Knight
Series: Sin City Uniforms #6
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher


Between his shifts at The Lucky Cup where he works and the long hours he volunteers at the teen LGBTQ shelter he helped set up Rich barely has any free time.  There’s also the house he rents with two other guys where Rich knows he’s wasting time cleaning in an effort to keep the health department from their door.  Whatever precious time Rich had free was spent going on blind dates which have proved to be a bust.


A regular at The Lucky Cup because of the hot barista rather than the coffee, Diego Espinoza is part of the Las Vegas Search and Rescue team.  When he’s not on the job Diego spends his free time checking out places to rock climb.  Overhearing Rich talking about a bad date with a co-worker Diego swallows his pride and asks the barista out.


It has been a weird week for Rich, he’s had a lame date and later while driving home witnesses an accident involving a dead woman thrown from a limo.  After talking to the cops Rich puts the whole thing behind him.


Everything is going well on his dinner date until Diego is called away for a Search and Rescue operation.  Rich is contemplating their next time together when he barely survives an accident.  The experience brings them closer, but it doesn’t explain the danger.  Definitely isn’t the easiest way to fall in love.


Searching for Shelter combines a suspenseful plotline with great characters to give readers the story they’re expecting.  Sparks fly between Rich and Diego as they unravel a deadly mystery.  The drama takes second place however to the solid characterization.  Readers will be rooting for Rich and Diego as they uncover the truth in Searching for Shelter. Fans of this series will enjoy this book, as well as hearing from previous characters.  This standalone tale is sure to attract new readers too. A delightfully spicy romance.


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