SECRET PASSIONS by Loribelle Hunt

SECRET PASSIONS by Loribelle Hunt
Secret Passions
by Loribelle Hunt

Series: Forbidden Passions #4
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Erotica, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Miranda

How do you claim the heart of a fox? Tempt her into giving it up. Forbidden Passions, Book 5Though Sara Beth Reynard shuns the spotlight, her sensual animal nature always draws unwanted attention. On the rare occasions she leaves fox territory to supervise a construction project, humans are her number one hassle. When the discovery of human/animal DNA makes her a sleazy tabloid’s lead story, Sara finds the whole thing laughable. Right up until some goon attempts to kidnap her. Worse, her alpha sends her to the wereeagles, clan of her childhood nemesis, for help. Patrick Aquila takes one look at the grown-up version of “Foxy”, and wants to peel away all her layers of uptight and proper. His attempt to show her a night of lighthearted fun turns into an off-the-charts explosion of passion. But romance among weres is never that simple. Patrick is in a race against time to convince Sara Beth they belong together, and find the snitch who is feeding information to not just one stalker, but two. The reporter who wants to hang her out to dry, and a hunter who wants to hand her over to her worst nightmare. Warning: A reluctant fox, a sexy alpha eagle willing to pull every erotic trick in the book to keep her, and an obsessed big game hunter.

Fox shifter Sara Beth Reynard is in trouble. She is forced to seek help from the last person she wants when someone tries to kidnap her.  Eagle shifter Patrick Aquila is surprised by the powerful attraction he feels to grown-up Sara Beth. After all, he used to pick on his little “Foxy.”  The thought of her being in danger angers him greatly and he is determined to do anything to protect her.  Protecting her may be a lot easier than convincing her they are mates.  Sara Beth finds it hard to believe that Patrick could ever be satisfied with her.  Will Patrick be able to keep her safe and convince her of his love?


Secret Passions is an exciting romance!  Sara Beth and Patrick have excellent chemistry in and out of the bedroom.  I love the scene where they are reunited in the beginning of the book and Patrick realizes how attracted he is to her.  The suspense plotline is interesting but not a huge part of the story.  The couple definitely stays center stage.  Sara Beth’s character is a bit insecure which is nice to see every once in a while in a shifter story.  While she doesn’t like it when Patrick calls her “foxy” I think it is quite funny.  Secret Passions is another great addition to the Forbidden Passions series. Secret Passions can be read as a standalone. However, if you are a Forbidden Passions lover it is a lot of fun hearing about what is happening in some of the former couple’s lives.

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