Secret Pleasure
by Lora Leigh

Series: Bound Hearts #10
Published by St. Martin's Press Genres: Contemporary, Menage
Source: Publisher


Alyssa Hampstead is the daughter of a U.S. Senator who is believed to be headed towards the Presidency.  She is barely eighteen and finally eligible to go to the party she has heard about for years.  Besides being one of the season’s most wanted invitations, it is also a place to meet other intriguing people, which is exactly what Alyssa does.  Sebastian and Shane De Loren are cousins who are straddling the line both professionally and sexually.  They are at the holiday party to gain information and if seducing a willing woman will give it to them, so be it.  At least, those were their thoughts before a young and stunning girl wandered into their alcove.  Now after a few minutes of conversation, both Sebastian and Shane know that Alyssa is theirs.


A summer of hot romance and sexual pleasure has bound Alyssa, Sebastian, and Shane together. Just when the men are about to make Alyssa a permanent part of their lives, their families step in and make them give up Alyssa because of a threat to all of them.  All three are torn apart as the years pass. Time and again, Alyssa loses all that she loves, and Sebastian and Shane work hard to remove the threat that is keeping her from their hearts.  Life is not easy for any of the threesome and yet, just when the men believe they can finally have Alyssa, there is yet another block in their way.  Now finally, Sebastian and Shane can have what they lost so long ago, but has time and so much disappointment and heartache destroyed the Alyssa they knew and left a shell unable to love again?  Only the bond wedged between them so long ago might be able to give these lovers the future they have dreamed of for many, many years.


Passion found, lost and found again after loss and heartache will learn that when love is involved it will always come out on top in Secret Pleasures.  I will say right off that my heart seriously ached for Alyssa, Sebastian, and Shane in more than one place.  I have read the Bound Hearts series since it began and, at first, I believed that this was just another of those sexy stories.  Then the threats and heartaches began, and I learned that the journey that Alyssa, Sebastian, and Shane had to travel was harder than anyone before them.  Through it all I kept hoping that somehow they would find a way to have their happy ending. After all, it was a romance.  Yet, I will admit that in a couple of places, I wasn’t sure this would happen.  When these three lovers finally came together—older, wiser, and after a long and painful separation—to me, it just made their ending that much sweeter.  I have to say that I believe this to be the best Bound Hearts story yet, and that is saying a lot.  Secret Pleasures is a love story full of erotic pleasures and years of struggles that will tear your heart out in places and yet, it ends with the best possible of endings—passion regained and love abounding!

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