SEDUCING HIS RELUCTANT VAMPIRE by Charlie RichardsSeducing His Reluctant Vampire by Charlie Richards
Series: A Loving Nip #9
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books


For a thousand years the demon Abyzou has faithfully served his master – the Horseman Pestilence.  Spreading disease and infection Abyzou has done his master’s bidding.  It is time to be rewarded for his diligence by granting him an amina, someone to form a soul bond with which will anchor Abyzou to the earth.


The demon is mildly confused to be drawn to the homes of a group of shifter and their vampire friends.  He’d already spread infection to one of their people with cursed bullets.  It should’ve been time to leave, yet something was making Abyzou hang around.


As he observed from the treetops a powerful council member arrived and demanded vampire Toni Bastille be taken into custody.  Recognizing his amina the demon burst onto the scene, announces his intentions towards Toni, and refuses to hand the vampire over.


It won’t be easy for Abyzou to get Toni to accept their soul bond.  Not easy at all.  Especially since all vampires believe that demon blood is toxic to them.  Fate has made it very difficult for Abyzou to claim Toni.  Like impossible.


Headaches and obstacles make Seducing His Reluctant Vampire an almighty task indeed.  It’s an uphill battle for a thousand-year-old demon to soul bond with his amina.  Between biasness, bigotry, and a council member with his own agenda it takes a miracle for Abyzou and Toni to mate.  Time to break out the Advil for this twisting romance.  Exhausting and entertaining at the same time Seducing His Reluctant Vampire is a great addition to this series.  Good times.

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