SEDUCTIVE TRACKS by Elizabeth Lapthorne

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
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SEDUCTIVE TRACKS by Elizabeth LapthorneSeductive Tracks by Elizabeth Lapthorne
Series: Urban Seductions #5
Published by Ellora's Cave on 2013-03-08
Genres: Erotica
Reviewed by Jo

Kelly Robbins works in the archives, mistress of the magical world's many mysteries. But she has a secret herself-she's also a cat burglar, playing the game for the adrenaline rush that runs through her when she slips into the shadows with some forbidden trinket. Matthias Kestell is a Tracker on the other side of the law, able to sense the power each magic user holds within them. When he and Kelly join forces to steal an antidote to a magical drug that is poisoning the streets, he is bewitched and seduced, instantly smitten with her. Even though Kelly now finds herself working with the enemy, Matthias has a magical charm all his own. As heat burns between them, she begins to realize this wizard could provide even more of a physical thrill than theft-and, given the chance, he could steal her heart. A Romantica(r) paranormal erotic romance from Ellora's Ca

Kelly Robbins is living a dual identity, one as a respective worker in the magical archives and the other as a cat burglar with an impressive record.  Because of some unusual abilities, Kelly isn’t worried about being caught in her hobby.  That ends the day she finds herself face to face with a Tracker.

Matthias (“Matt”) Kestell is one of the best magical trackers around.  Matt has been able locate even the trickiest magical user with his abilities, so when he is assigned to find this cat burglar who might be able to help his unit in a matter, Matt easily agrees.  But then he discovers that there is nothing to track, nothing at all.  Matt knows about the rare few magical users who leave no essence and decides that isn’t going to stop him. He’ll use other ways to track down this woman. 

Kelly agrees to work with Matt when she has no way to deny who and what she is; although, she isn’t so sure about working for the law as their cat burglar.   It seems a bit backwards, but Kelly has realized that Matt could probably convince her to do almost anything.  The lust and passion that sprang up between them the minute they laid eyes on each other is another factor in their partnership.  Matt and Kelly have to find out who has an antidote to a magical drug that is on the streets and harming magical and human alike.  Finding the threads and clues to a network that is motivated solely by money and locating the antidote brings a shimmer of suspense to the flaming passion Matt and Kelly have.  When their mission is over, will that passion be enough to keep them together or will their past rule these two brought together by the law?

An enforcer of the laws and a confirmed lawbreaker find a passion that will bring one of them to the other side of the law in Seductive Tracks.  Kelly and Matt learn very fast that love doesn’t care what you do with your lives when it’s meant to be.  Seeing Kelly flaunt the rules because she could brought a smile to my face when I saw that she did it as a lark and didn’t really profit from her heists.  Seeing Matt’s surprise that he couldn’t track Kelly down the normal way had me laughing, but I soon saw that he was a man determined to fulfill his mission.  I loved how fast Kelly and Matt came together and were able to team up in order to help both the human and the magical communities.  I foresee a very interesting future for this tracker and cat burglar combo – one filled with passion, suspense and adventure. Seductive Tracks is an erotic and suspense filled journey as a newly reformed cat burglar falls for her magical tracker and they become one unbeatable team – professionally and in love.


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