SEMPER FAE by Angel Martinez

SEMPER FAE by Angel Martinez
Semper Fae
by Angel Martinez

Series: Endangered Fae #3
Published by MLR Press Genres: Fantasy, MM
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

The people of Earth and those of the Otherworld are adjusting to having the Veil between them torn down.  A small contingent of humans, ex-Military guard those of the Fae Collective when on human soil.  Sergeant Zachary Morrison is the human Head of Security for Ambassador sidhe Prince Lugh when he visits Earth.  It is a well deserved, honorable position for Zach, a wonderful career opportunity in this strange new world.  What no one saw coming however was the love growing between Zach and Lugh.


All these years the Sergeant kept his sexuality hidden and now he’s fallen for a prince. As Zach grapples with his feelings for Lugh and his insecurities a coven of magical human college kids accidentally strip Diego of his strict moral compass.  Setting loose the most powerful magical human alive without any guidance to hold him steady sets forth a chain of events no one saw coming.  Not even the fae pooka Finn who Diego loves with all his heart can stop Diego’s madness.  Both worlds are fearful with good reason.


Enjoy an emotionally charged drama from start to finish.  Semper Fae is a captivating, modern, fantastical adventure.  The large cast of characters is well balanced in this huge tale where several plotlines merge and converge.  Zach and Lugh deal with a complicated courtship while trying to keep Diego from destroying the world.  There is enough back story to understand Semper Fae easily.  No doubt readers will scramble to find the previous books. Take the time to jump into Semper Fae.

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