Setting His Owl A-Twitter
by Charlie Richards

Series: Wolves of Stone Ridge #33
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

A little flock of recently rescued avian shifters are finding their way in the world.  Some prefer to stay within the confines of the home given to them by the Stone Ridge pack Alpha, reading and watching the television, but others are literally spreading their wings experiencing everything the area has to offer.


Hector is a small Scops owl with no memories of any life prior to being caged and experimented on by scientists.  He doesn’t even know how old he is or his birthday date.


The mystery of why Hector feels so drawn to a particular human is solved when they realized that the little Scops owl has found his mate.  Hector’s mate is a very large bouncer at a nearby club and the owl’s heard the man, Rocky Nelson mention a baby.  So far Hector’s been shot down each time he’s asked Rocky to dance.  Giving up however is not an option.  After years of brutal captivity Hector wants his life with Rocky.  If only his mate will give Hector a chance.


With infectious eagerness for life, Hector goes after his mate in Setting His Owl A-Twitter.  A playful little Scops owl shifter sets his heart on a stoic body builder in this lovely romance.  Humorous dialogue between the characters keeps the plotline flowing nicely.  Book thirty three in the ever popular Wolves of Stone Ridge series offers readers yet another heartfelt love story to embrace.

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