Shades of Desire
by Virna DePaul

Series: Special Investigations Group #1
Published by Harlequin Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Source: Publisher


Successful photo journalist Natalie Jones is suffering from a rare genetic disorder that causes vision loss. The day when she becomes totally blind is getting closer. A day at the farmer’s market while documenting the life of Plainville through her lens, Natalie witnesses far more than she even knows. Unfortunately, on that day pain struck and her vision was changed forever. Now all she can see are grey shadows and that makes it harder to protect herself when someone puts a target on her.

Special Agent Liam “Mac” Mackenzie is on the trail of a murderer. The clues lead him directly to the doorstep of the beautiful Natalie Jones. After she is attacked it becomes clear that she is somehow involved in his case. Mac can’t seem to control himself around the photographer. He is drawn to her in a visceral way. Never before has Mac felt the need to possess and protect so fiercely. Mac’s number one job is to find a murderer but protecting Natalie is rapidly becoming more important. While protecting his vulnerable witness he discovers more about the case and himself.

As Mac and Natalie search for clues as to why she was targeted, they get closer to a killer. Will Mac be able to protect Natalie from a killer she can’t see? Will Mac and Natalie find love while attempting to stay one step ahead of a killer?

Virna DePaul does an excellent job of creating vulnerable characters and enthralling plotlines in Shades of Desire. I love that Natalie is a blind woman not yet comfortable with her condition. Most novels that I have read where the hero or heroine is blind they are already acclimated to their condition, but here Natalie is still dealing with her feelings about becoming blind and she is learning how to live in the world as a blind person. I found this all very interesting and when you throw in the danger, it creates great dramatic tension.

There is excellent chemistry in Shades of Desire between Natalie and Mac. The reader can feel all of Natalie’s senses as she takes in Mac and her attraction to him becomes heady. I love the emotions that Mac goes through in the story. He isn’t keen on settling down after a bad previous relationship but you can feel the pull when he is around Natalie. These two balance each other extremely well.

Another thing Shades of Desire does really well is build up the secondary characters! I cannot wait to learn more about the other members of Mac’s team the Special Investigatiions Group. All of these characters are likable and sparked quite a bit of chemistry among themselves. I am eagerly anticipating what happens next!
Not only does Shades of Desire have outstanding characters but it also has one heck of a mysterious plotline. Ms. DePaul created palpable tension with her nefarious evil doers in Shades of Desire. I was disturbed and intrigued with her bad guys and I couldn’t wait to unravel the evil plot hidden in the shadows!

Shades of Desire is a modern love story built on rock-solid characters and plum writing skills! I will be anxiously waiting for the next Special Investigations Group novel!

**2012 Review**

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