IN THE SHADOW OF THIS RED ROCK by John WiltshireIn the Shadow of this Red Rock by John Wiltshire
Series: Seasons of Murder #3
Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by MLR Press

The war on Earth ended after the Minders were banished to a colony on Mars where they could live with their own kind and no one else.  People were afraid of Minders.  No one wanted their thoughts read with a simple touch.  Then there’s the myth of a Sender who can actually manipulate others with thought.  Of course, Senders aren’t real.


So many years have passed since the war.  The Minders are able to negotiate a trial run allowing a handful of them to return to Earth by way of a stop on Titan.  A neural inhibitor will be placed on the volunteer’s temple which will render them harmless and normal.


The Inter-Sol Corp ship Elon Musk is chosen to bring the Minders.  Security chief Cal Hartland had to spend six weeks on Earth getting ready for this, yet nothing prepares Cal for their gorgeous leader Commander Zero.  Normally Cal ignores his sexual needs when he’s working, but he’s spending all his down time with Zero and even that’s not enough.


As the ship heads for Titan the unimaginable happens.  Someone is murdered.  Commander Zero offers his help to Cal who’s unaware that Zero was momentarily trapped in the killer’s mind.  As the body count rises so does Cal’s suspicions.  Zero knows too much, so either he’s the killer or his mind cannot be blocked.  Cal wishes he didn’t need to find the answer to his question.


Intrigue, seduction, and death are bound within the exciting In the Shadow of This Red Rock.  This intense whodunit romance pits a killer against a pair of intrepid pseudo detective lovers.  Solid characters, secrets, and a realistic feeling of drama will keep everyone entertained here.  Dive into In the Shadow of This Red Rock, a bold mystery twisted with love.

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