SHARED FOR LOVE by Nancy Corrigan

SHARED FOR LOVE by Nancy CorriganShared for Love by Nancy Corrigan
Series: Kagan Wolves #6
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Self Published


Ethan is in love with two people – Hannah and Noah.  His heart and his wolf are demanding that he claim both as his mates; but, how will each of them feel about sharing him with the other.


For six months Hannah has been chasing after Ethan.  While he has shown interest by taken her on dates and held her hand, she could not understand why he has yet to kiss her.  That is until she meets Noah and everything comes to light.  Is Hannah willing to share herself with two men?


For fifteen years, Noah has secretly shared a bed with Ethan.  All is well until Hannah enters the picture.  Instantly knowing that the three of them are destined to be in an eternal love triangle, will Noah be able to persuade Ethan and Hannah?


Wow! Shared For Love is one thrilling, intense book that I had the pleasure of reading.  From the start, the plot pulls you in and does not let go until the very end.  The bond between Ethan, Hannah, and Noah is immediate once all three come together for the first time.  They are an even match for each other – true mates to the fullest.  All three share strong, alpha-type personalities; yet, they are well-defined within each own right.  For a minute there, I was not sure if their wolves would allow a love triangle to develop; but, in the end all ends well.  Did I mention, whether as a twosome or threesome, the sexual encounters are sizzling hot and erotic.  So, be aware that constant fanning your heated face will occur on numerous occasions.  You cannot go wrong with Shared For Love.


This novel can be read as a standalone.

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