SHOOT OUT by Lisa B. Kamps

SHOOT OUT by Lisa B. KampsShoot Out by Lisa B. Kamps
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Mathias “Mat” Herron is down in New Orleans to take part in some wedding festivities of one of his teammates in the off season. While hitting up a bar on Bourbon Street he meets Nicole. After talking and flirting with her he takes her back to his hotel but when he wakes up in the morning she is gone. Mat hopes he runs into her again later on that day when the wedding party is set to go on a tour. But to Mat’s surprise she isn’t a part of the wedding party at all and he’s disappointed that he may never see her again.


Nicole Taylor is back from her two day trip in New Orleans celebrating her divorce but she can’t stop thinking about the hot night she spent with Mat. While heading to her job she is surprised to see him again and even more surprised when he keeps coming to see her. Mat seems like a good guy but you never know and her last relationship left her doubting who the good guys really are. The more time Nicole spends with Mat the more she realizes that he is genuinely a good person and she is starting to fall for him fast but when he finds out about her past will he stick around or run?


Shoot Out is the seventh book in the Baltimore Banners series but my first book by Lisa B. Kamps and while I found the read on the okay side it just wasn’t what I expected it to be. I had a hard time connecting with the characters from the very beginning. Mat and Nicole have a one night stand and Mat literally stalks her just to get to know her better. He finds her outside the hospital being harassed by her ex and offers her a ride. She thinks its great timing but little does she know that he was sitting and waiting hoping to get a chance to see her. I have to admit I didn’t find this sweet at all and it came off a little creepy for my liking. I mean there are other ways to get her attention Mat.


I didn’t feeling this couple had an everlasting love that was building, their relationship was built on sex which happened a few times. Ms. Kamps did deliver hot steamy scenes but I still didn’t think it was enough to make me believe in this couples happily ever after.


Since Shoot Out is a hockey novel I expected there to be some ice time but sadly Shoot Out takes place during the off season so I was a little disappointed by this. In the end this was just an okay read and if Ms. Kamps prior books in the Baltimore series are done this way I am going to have to pass on reading them.

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