SHORT-CIRCUIT HIS SOUL by Alana AnkhShort-Circuit His Soul by Alana Ankh
Series: Microchips & Purity #2
Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Published by Dreamspinner Press

It has taken everything to keep the people of Eden from tearing the city apart.  The human and cyborg population are at each other’s throats.  Trying to lead them all is the Guiding Light, Uriel, and his cyborg lover Raze.


The discovery of Uriel’s brother Noah, a clone, simply adds another layer of conflict.  Raze’s best friend and fellow cyborg Logan Maxfield is one of the few to distinguish between the brothers.  Maybe the fact that Logan is falling in love with Noah has something to do with it.


As the tension reaches a critical point it’s becoming apparent that Noah is dying, his cloned DNA is breaking down.  A doctor is doing what he can to find a cure, but so far he’s been unsuccessful in finding a cure.  It’s breaking Logan’s heart.  Noah wishes he’d had more time with the brother who needs his support more than ever.  He wishes he’d been able to spend more time with Logan who’s teaching him all about love.  The only option is a horrible choice.  Nothing is easy or simple in Eden.


Short-Circuit His Soul takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster. The characters are forced to make awful choices and terrible decisions.  It is their price for humanity in this strange future.  This complicated plotline and the complex characters beg the reader to follow this series in order to fully appreciate what is going on.  Once in a while the story loses focus between their unique religion and the characters but it’s only momentary.  Noah’s struggle as a clone is poignant.  The love Noah and Logan share is powerful.   A riveting drama, Short-Circuit His Soul challenges the reader to think.


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