SHY TALENT by Bianca D’Arc

SHY TALENT by Bianca D’Arc
Shy Talent
by Bianca D'Arc

Series: Starlords #3
Published by Self Published Genres: Futuristic
Source: Author


Agnor is the newest Starlord and also a captain of the newest starship, and as such, he was able to hand-pick his crew.  Agnor was very exacting when picking out just who would man his ship with him during their first voyage.  He is well aware that a few of his picks shocked, but Agnor knew what he was looking for.  One of his most shocking picks was for his Loadmaster, a very shy and young girl named Betsua.


Betsua was as amazed as everyone else when she was offered the job, but she jumped for the chance to leave her aunt’s house and her boring job.  Betsua has used her telekinesis to help her do her job, but she has been hiding just how strong that talent is, and that isn’t the only thing she has been hiding.  Betsua is worried what will happen to her life if her secrets become known.  She has always been on the outside of life looking in, and she isn’t sure she can handle being even more of an outsider.


Agnor knew that Betsua was shy, but he was not about to let that keep her from making friends with her shipmates or to stop him from exploring the attraction he has felt towards his newest shipmate.  Betsua allows herself to become involved with her captain, and soon learns just what she was missing both in friendship and passion, and how it affected her already strong talents.  Agnor knew there was something very special about Betsua, and he learned just how correct he was when the ship’s real secret mission was revealed.  By the time they are heading back home, Betsua and Agnor will have begun to break the back of the enemy, and their entire world will know just how extraordinary Betsua really is—something Agnor knew even before her talents came out in the open.


A newly minted Starlord and a young Loadmaster will discover love and the secret that lets their enemy control talents in Shy Talent.  I already knew that Agnor was both intelligent and caring, so I wasn’t surprised by how he picked his new crew.  Nor was I surprised when he took Betsua, not only under his wing, but also to his bed when he learned the attraction was mutual.  I enjoyed watching as Betsua bloomed as her relationship with Agnor grew and also with her shipmates.  I really loved how Agnor’s confidence and support gave Betsua the confidence to use all of her talents to help destroy their enemy and bring a new and safer future to their universe.  Shy Talent brings the end of an arc in which Council worlds end their enemy, the Collective, while giving two very special people a love to last the ages.  I found it full of passion, the making of lasting friendships, and the perfect amount of suspense.

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