SIGHT AND SINNERS by Susan Mac Nicol

SIGHT AND SINNERS by Susan Mac Nicol
Sight and Sinners
by Susan Mac Nicol

Series: Men of London Romance #2
Published by Boroughs Publishing Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Considered a gift by many, as far as Taylor Abelard is concerned his so called ‘gift’ is actually a curse.  Since childhood he’s been burdened with psychic blackouts telling him when someone he knows or is close to is in trouble.  Occasionally Taylor has assisted the police though usually he’s met with derision by them.


Eating at Galileo’s one evening where his friend and one time flat mate Eddie is head chef, Taylor is checking out a sexy stranger until he realizes he knows the man.  The last time they met was over a child’s body and Draven Samuels’ words to him were so very vicious and unkind.


One of Mortimer Investigations lead operatives, Draven is known for fast thinking on his feet and dogged dedication to the job.  He’s also known for his carnal pursuits.  Very few however know of his family tragedy.  Three years ago Draven’s parents died in a car crash, his fifteen year old brother Jude was in the backseat.  Jude has been in a coma ever since with little brain function.


Apparently fate isn’t done. They soon meet yet again at a funeral.  Drew Whittaker was a friend of Draven’s while Taylor was an occasional interlude for the closeted married man.  The man committed suicide, but Draven manages to dig up information leading to blackmail.  Together they will solve a mystery or two, save a life or more because the investigator is beginning to believe.  And sparks are flying wild, which is something neither wants to admit.


Cheeky psychic, surly investigator, Sight and Sinners is a potent brew of superb entertainment.  A complex man, Draven carries a burden no one would want to shoulder.  Taylor also carries his own particular load of boulders.  Opposites in every other way they are meant in this standalone second book.  Sight and Sinners will tug and pull your heartstrings to the very end.  Tissue advised.

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