SILVER SILENCE by Nalini Singh

SILVER SILENCE by Nalini Singh

SILVER SILENCE by Nalini SinghSilver Silence by Nalini Singh
Series: Psy-Changeling Trinity #1
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Berkley Publishing Group


Silver Mercant has a full card with her dual jobs of being the director of the Emergency Response Network known as EmNet and as the senior aid to Kaleb Krychek.  She really doesn’t have time the for bear who keeps asking her for an ice cream date.  Yet, when an assassination attempt is made on Silver, it is that same bear who not only saves her life, but finds the way the attempt was made.  When it’s time for Silver to “disappear” from the public eye for a while, it’s just her luck that the place she is sent is to the very home of her persistent bear suitor.


Valentin Nikolaev is the Alpha of the StoneWater bear clan in Russia and while he has the same overall attitude as most bears, when it comes to protection for those under his care or those he loves (sometimes one and the same), there is no doubt about why Valentin is the Alpha.  Valentin has been attracted to Silver since he first saw her, and he is determined to show her that they could be an item if she would only give it a chance.  All Silver’s constant refusals do is fuel his determination.  When Silver is moved into the StoneWater clan home, Valentin knows he will never have a better chance to prove to Silver his love and how they belong together.


Silver starts out as just mystified by how the bears live and go through their day-to-day activities, but as she is exposed to life in the clan and sees Valentin in action, it becomes harder and harder to stick with her silent leanings.  Valentin is even amazed at how good he and Silver are once she gives their attraction a chance to become love.  What Valentin never expected is a fight that Silver has kept secret and how her feelings have become a danger to her.  So as Silver and Valentin hunt the person or people behind her attack, all while exploring the love that has sprung up between them, they both are working on figuring out a way to solve the worst danger of all to Sliver and their love.  When Valentin convinces Silver to go for an all or nothing cure, it’s with the knowledge that he may lose his mate forever to silence or death.  The question is, can Silver and Valentin have their forever after or will their future die before they ever get the chance to reach for it?


Take one pushy and laid-back bear Alpha and one efficient and silent woman, throw in equal parts of danger, adorable bears and a passion that quickly turns to love, and you have just a bit of an idea of what Silver Silence is all about.  I quickly grew to love Valentin and saw just as fast on why, if anyone, could drag Silver out of her silence, it was him.  I will also say that I never thought anything would get Silver to leave the silence that she has lived with her entire life.  Watching as Valentin showed Silver just how good life could be when you included feelings, and especially love, was an adventure at every turn.  I also loved watching as Sliver fought and then gave up her attempt to not give in to her feelings. She was such a goner as soon as she moved into the clan home.


All of the things I have said above only covers the top layers of why I fell in love with Silver and Valentin’s story.  There are also times that made me want to cry and times when I laughed out loud.  This was a book that I turned around and re-read as soon as I finished it, and I discovered new elements that I had missed the first time.  If you ever wondered just how determined bears can be—Valentin not only won Silver’s love once, but he did it twice against all the odds against him.  How can you not love a man who can do that??  Silver Silence is definitely a Joyfully Recommend Read and has become one of my top favorites in the Psy-Changeling stories.  I can’t wait to see where this Trinity series is going to go next.


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