SILVERFALL by Raven de Hart

SILVERFALL by Raven de Hart
by Raven de Hart

Published by Loose Id Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Being cheated on was heartbreaking, finding someone new to date was proving disastrous for Anthony Gates.  The Montana transplant was finding the current northern California dating scene to be a nightmare as each date flamed out, especially the ones set up by his best friend and fellow Montana native Terry.  It’s easy for Terry; he’s gorgeous and charming whereas Tony feels awkward and shy with strangers.


On his way home from yet another embarrassing blind date Tony witnesses something unbelievable.  It’s a silver white unicorn killing a man.  His date must have slipped some kind of drug into his drink because there’s no way unicorns are real, let alone going around killing people. Right?


Putting what must have been a hallucination behind him Tony allows Terry to drag him to a club later in the week where he actually meets a nice guy.  Leon Phillips seems genuinely interested in him and he’s hot, normal.  Of course looks can be deceiving as Tony quickly discovers when he tumbles head first into a strange world of living unicorns and hunters and oh, by the way his cheating ex-boyfriend is also involved.  Maybe boring old Montana wasn’t so bad after all.


One man’s world is forever changed in the original tale Silverfall.  The main character is thrust into an eye opening reality where unicorn shifters fight for survival.  Dangerous adventures become Tony’s new way of life once Leon enters the picture and the two fall in love.  This unique story has several plotlines threading through each other, the romance, the unicorn’s struggle to live and the mercenary hunters.  Occasionally the momentum is uneven and takes a while to get going again, but overall Silverfall is a fascinating, inventive love story.

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