SINFUL by Joan Johnston

SINFUL by Joan Johnston
by Joan Johnston

Series: Bitter Creek
Published by Dell Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher


Connor Flynn has returned home from the army to another battle. His wife was killed in a car accident and now his in-laws are suing for custody of his children. Eve Grayhawk promised her best friend, Connor’s wife, she’d make sure that Connor and his children were together. But when she agreed to do whatever it takes to keep that promise she never pictured marrying Connor. Both Eve and Connor’s fathers have been at war for years. Faced with a practical marriage and two fathers who hate each other, Connor and Eve have an uphill battle making this marriage work.


While I was intrigued by the secondary characters of Connor and Eve’s brothers and sisters, I’m afraid I found it hard to connect with Connor and Eve’s story. Connor’s wife knew that both Connor and Eve had feelings for each other yet they could never act on them due to their family history. However, she married him anyway, almost gleeful that her friend couldn’t have him. That made it hard for me to have any connection to Eve caring for her “best friend” she would do anything for. Add to this the fact that while Connor married another woman, he loved Eve and it becomes difficult to like him as a hero. I’m sure I’ll be reading the other books in the Bitter Creek series as they come out because Joan Johnston has me totally hooked on finding out what happens with the other characters. However, Sinful is one story that I just couldn’t get into.

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