SINS OF A WOLF by Jessica Lee

SINS OF A WOLF by Jessica Lee
Sins of a Wolf
by Jessica Lee

Series: KinKaid Wolf Pack #4
Published by Self Published Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Author

Sent packing by the wolf shifter clan of his birth, Aydin Michaels lands within the NW Cascade Mountains where the KinKaid pack resides.  Head enforcer Landry Michaels is Aydin’s cousin and the plan is to try to temper the wolf’s reckless behavior or send him home where he won’t be welcome.  The choice is Aydin’s.


Retired Green Beret Zachery ‘Sin’ Sinclair is on the road and on the run.  The best part of a miserable childhood involves siblings Anthony and Rachael, but right now he’s putting as much distance between them as possible.  Rachel needs his discretion which has Anthony on the warpath and looking for Sin.  Until Rachel gets the courage to spill her secrets it’s best for Sin to stay as far away as possible.


Once again Aydin’s irresponsible behavior lands him in a whopper of a mess after accidentally biting a human during a bar fight.  To make amends to the pack Aydin manages to track down Sin in a motel.  Arriving as the change is about to begin Aydin tells an unbelieving Sin that the life he knew is gone.  Sin has enough problems already, but he can’t deny what’s happening before his eyes.  And neither Sin nor Aydin can deny the overwhelming carnal lust they feel.  Both refuse to admit to an emotional bond growing stronger by the minute.


Aydin’s hoping that Sin will stay with the KinKaid pack.  Sin needs to get back on the road.  Separating could destroy them. What a mess.


Fingers will burn from the scorching hot heat in Sins of a Wolf.  Author Jessica Lee knows exactly how to write a steamy encounter – taking a relationship from simmer to sizzle in the juiciest way.  Two stubborn men butt heads on every issue except the obvious.  Sin’s issues with his friends bring more headaches to this unlikely match.  Sins of a Wolf is incredibly hot and luckily their storyline is more than simple filler.  Sin and Aydin’s love story is frustrating and intense and definitely entertaining.

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