SIRE by Kate Pavelle

SIRE by Kate Pavelle
by Kate Pavelle

Series: Steele City #4
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Three Rivers Academy will be a fresh start for Robbie Kowalski who leaves behind the hated nickname Lummox because his old school couldn’t see past his large, clumsy size.  The son of a carpenter, Robbie’s obtained a partial scholarship with excellent grades and impressive science projects so that he can attend the affluent high school.


Coming from a family of lawyers and high achievers Brent Kenson is well aware of what’s expected of him.  Unfortunately for him, Brent would rather spend every waking hour at his uncle’s ranch, Blue Heron Acres, where they raise and train valuable show horses.


A teacher pairs the two teens for an assignment and the boys begin to connect as friends.  Robbie accepted his sexuality years ago, though it’s something Brent’s having a harder time grappling with.  Curiosity has them taking that first step of kissing on a visit to the ranch.  As the days pass their friendship deepens, but it’s too soon for Brent to share secrets that are tearing him apart.  Rob will need all the help he can get to catch Brent before he falls too far and makes a decision no one can live with.


Sire takes an excellent look at teenage issues where angst and drama go hand in hand with joy and harmony.  On the cusp of manhood, sexuality and family expectations weigh heavily for Brent and Rob.  A tough, taut plotline leads the main characters on a rough personal journey.  Emotionally intense Sire doesn’t pull any punches, yet in the end manages to shine.  This standalone story is a welcome addition to the series.

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