SIZZLE AND BURN by Alexis Grant

SIZZLE AND BURN by Alexis Grant
Sizzle and Burn
by Alexis Grant

Series: The Men of Delta Force #1
Published by Macmillan Genres: Suspense
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Miranda

Alexis Grant brings you the first in an explosive new series featuring the dedicated, deadly, and dangerously sexy Men of Delta Force.  Mia Santiago has fought long and hard to become an expert in weapons technology. But her successful career didn’t come without sacrifices, namely Ryan Mason, the only man she’s ever loved. When she and Ryan chose their careers over a relationship together, she thought their goodbye was for forever.  So running into him at a conference is both a dream come true and a disturbing distraction—how can she focus on presenting her research when the man who’s haunted her dreams for years is suddenly close enough to touch?     Losing Mia is Ryan’s one regret in a lifetime of dangerous risks, even if he knows the work he’s done around the world as a member of the military’s elite fighting unit, Delta Force, has saved countless lives. Now he has to keep Mia from the terrorists bent on using her research for catastrophic violence—and bent of kidnapping her and inflicting unspeakable harm upon the one woman he’s never been able to let go. But outrunning danger isn’t easy when the fire between them can’t be put out. And this time, their future together is a matter of life and death…

Ryan Mason has few regrets in his life; Mia Santiago is the biggest. Ten years ago he was deeply in love with Mia but they decided to go their separate ways to further their careers. Ryan joined the Army and is now a well respected Captain in Delta Force. Mia is now Dr. Mia Santiago and she works among the most respected Doctors in her field of Geology and Seismology. Mia just got the break she’s been waiting for. Her mentor has asked her to speak at a conference about her groundbreaking theories regarding natural disasters and the potential for them to be used by terrorists. Unfortunately, this makes her a target of the terrorists Ryan has been tracking through the Azores. 

Now the two ex-lovers are reunited under dangerous circumstances. As Mia and Ryan come face to face it’s like they were never apart. Sparks fly as the two get reacquainted. Mia needs protection yet doesn’t even suspect the danger she’s in. How will she react when she finds out their reunion was prompted by the threat against her? Can Ryan protect her from the evil hiding in the shadows? 

Sizzle and Burn is a sexy and romantic read. There are parts to this book that I really like and some not so much. I felt like the relationship portion was awesome. I truly like this couple and their romance is sweet. Ryan and Mia have tons of chemistry and when they are talking you can feel the connection and all the emotion that lies underneath. The suspense portion of this book didn’t flow as well as I would have liked; it kind of felt like an afterthought. The idea of using weapons to create natural disasters sounded like a killer plot point but it just didn’t translate as well here. Or perhaps it’s the cover that I let mislead me. Sizzle and Burn features a hot cover. After seeing it, I was expecting lots of action and intrigue but I didn’t feel that came through in this story. Yes, there are action sequences, but I felt they were kind of choppy, in and out, it just didn’t flow as well as I would have liked it to. While Sizzle and Burn features a couple that I like I didn’t feel the action measured up.

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