SKYE’S LIMITS by Stephani Hecht

SKYE’S LIMITS by Stephani HechtSkye's Limits by Stephani Hecht
Series: The Lost Shifters #26
Genres: Gay, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books

Reviewed by Lisa

Skye is a member of a very exclusive group within the feline coalition.  The young lion shifter can brag to one and all that he’s in the loser’s club.  They love to abuse the special shifter alcohol or drugs and act like complete deadbeats who don’t contribute one damn thing to the coalition. 

Lucky for Skye his older brother Branson and his mate Gage haven’t given up on the lion.  They manage to snag tiger shifter Alden to work with Skye.  Considered the biggest, bad ass trainer of the coalition Alden is doubly surprised when they begin to work together.  One, the lion is truly committed to training and two, the tiger is able to peel back layers of childhood trauma that make Skye feel like a loser.  There’s also an instant attraction that neither intend to act on, at least until training is completed.  When everything is said and done Skye’s going to be one of the best fighters they’ve got and more importantly, Alden’s mate. 

Growls of misplaced attitude turn to purrs of pleasure in Skye’s Limits, the 26th offering in the wildly popular Lost Shifters books.  As with previous stories in this series the characters make the magic happen on paper.  Whether heart racing passion or tender interludes, Skye and Alden click. The lion is a total mess whose life is changed by a tiger’s tough love.  Skye’s Limits are boundless.


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