SLADE by Bianca D’Arc

SLADE by Bianca D’Arc
by Bianca D'Arc

Series: The Others #2
Published by Self Published Genres: Paranormal
Source: Author


Kate is the new Priestess of the Redstone Clan and one morning, while out for a walk, she feels the evil that has appeared in the Clan’s home. When Kate gets back to the matriarch’s house, it is to find her killed and worse. Now Kate is doing all she can to keep the matriarch’s sons and leaders of the Clan from exposing their world to the humans in their grief and need for revenge. Kate is extremely grateful to learn that the Lords of Were are sending someone to help with the situation.


Slade is a powerful and very magical shifter and the head of security for the Lords of Were. When he is sent to find a murder and get justice for the killing of a well-loved woman and matriarch, Slade finds a situation that is about to boil over with the Redstone Clan leaders, but he expected that with his knowledge of what had happened. What he didn’t expect was his instant attraction to the Clan’s new Priestess. However, Slade readily accepts her help in tracking down what happened during the murder and locating who was behind it.


Kate and Slade become a justice seeking team pretty quickly and move fast to find the missing clues and obtain the answers that will keep the Redstone Clan leaders from exposing all their secrets. While gathering the information that will lead Kate and Slade to the killers, they also transverse the attraction that rapidly turns to passion between the two of them. Danger seems to be keeping step with Kate and Slade, however, when the final trap is sprung, it is the good guys who come out on top and receive the justice that was needed, even if it can’t totally heal a family who had its heart torn out. For Kate and Slade, the real question is what will happen to them and their love now that their quest is over, and Slade has no reason to stay in the Redstone Clan’s lands?


A horrible death brings Priestess and a very special shifter together, but it will be love that will hold them together forever. Kate and Slade learn this truth in Slade. I could tell just how volatile the situation was as Slade showed up at the Redstone Clan’s home for the first time. And yet, I didn’t miss that first moment of attraction when Kate and Slade met the first time. I really loved watching how well Kate and Slade were able to team up and push forward through the danger and daily stress to find the killers and bring them to the Goddess’s justice. This is one power couple, and I mean that in every meaning, that will be hard to beat as years go on. Slade takes a horrible situation and proves that love and light will always overcome all forms of evil.

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