SLAVE FOR TWO by Morticia Knight

SLAVE FOR TWO by Morticia KnightSlave for Two by Morticia Knight
Series: Soul Match #1
Genres: Menage, MM, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

Earth’s alien invasion was worse than people once fearfully imagined it could be.  It wasn’t a blockbuster movie with great special effects.  Rather, it was the destruction of major cities and deaths beyond thousands.


As Chris and his family watched from their little town nestled in the California mountain foothills the whole thing seems unreal.  After clearing the cities the alien forces began targeting smaller population areas.  Any sign of fighting meant certain death.  It also became clear that small framed young men were being singled out and taken by the aliens for some unknown purpose.


The people of Alashar were compelled to abandon their planet when it became clear that their home would be taken into the void.  Scout ships found a new planet in Earth.  Told that the population was vicious and not worth saving the Alashar warriors decimated the human cities and then began destroying smaller populations.  They did however cull the males who would be well suited as sex slaves.


Chris and his younger cousin Morgan were captured when foraging for supplies at a tourist site.  Forced into cages Chris was about to be abused by an Alashar slave master when fate intervened in the form of another warrior intent on claiming the human.


Alashar warriors Lasar and Nary are soul match bonded.  As the dominant Lasar is titled the Ahna while Nary is the submissive Nasha in their pairing.  A visit to pick out a sex slave has unexpected results as Nary intuitively knows that Chris must be their own.  Something unimaginable occurs when Chris is brought into Lasar and Nary’s bed.  The human’s reaction to them cannot be.  Shaken and worried they will need answers before anyone else finds out what Chris means to their soul matched Alashar bond.


A clever blend of action, drama, and sensuality Slave For Two weaves a heart pounding, chilling tale. The world collapses and humanity perishes under the rubble in the first Soul Match book. Fighting for survival the characters shine in the tense storyline.  Riveting twists and turns in Slave For Two are certain to keep readers completely engrossed in this book.  Slave For Two is an addicting page turner and book two can’t come soon enough.

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