SLOE RIDE by Rhys Ford

SLOE RIDE by Rhys Ford
Sloe Ride
by Rhys Ford

Series: Sinners #4
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

He was like a runaway train in the darkest night speeding towards oblivion.   Fame and fortune in the spotlight; drugs and dependence in the dark. Until the day reality returned and rock god Rafe Andrade fell back to Earth with a mighty thud.


Facing the consequences of his actions Rafe is permanently cut from the band he helped create.  The senseless death of another man while partying with Rafe is forever branded in his mind and rehab becomes his new reality.


Nine months pass before Rafe steps back into the world, promptly goes home to San Francisco and holes up in his penthouse apartment.  There he stays until his surrogate family, the Morgans, insist he rejoin them. They are people who love him regardless.  He grew up with eldest brothers Connor and Kane – Morgans who will always have his back.  And then there’s younger brother Quinn.  The unique bond they shared was hard to describe.


Quinn was different.  He had a special way about himself that made life harder for him, but Rafe always understood.  Rafe was also well aware that he’d never touch the younger boy or do anything to jeopardize his place in the Morgan family.  He knew to keep his feelings close to his heart and silent when they were teens.


Seeing Quinn again after crawling out of hell makes one thing very clear, Rafe’s feelings haven’t changed a bit.  And Quinn is finally able to admit that Rafe is the one for him.  It’s time to take a deep breath and see what happens.   Unfortunately someone else isn’t quite as happy for them as irritating accidents become life threatening situations.  The price may become more than anyone can pay.


Fragile souls are showcased in an honest portrayal called Sloe Ride by the excellent storyteller Rhys Ford.  Their relationship is exposed layer upon layer.  Rafe and Quinn are such damaged men, lost and then found in each other’s arms.  The cast is quite large and it would definitely help the reader to have read the previous books to understand the other relationships though the central story of Rafe and Quinn is easily followed on its own.  Such a powerful tale, Sloe Ride is an addictive emotional roller coaster that dips and spins from beginning to end.


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