SNOWBOUND SEDUCTION by Melissa Schroeder

SNOWBOUND SEDUCTION by Melissa SchroederSnowbound Seduction by Melissa Schroeder
Genres: Contemporary
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Published by Entangled Publishing, LLC




Elaine Masterson is a world class pastry chef who has worked extremely hard to gain her reputation.  When her best friend invited Elaine to become one of three partners in a new restaurant, Elaine jumped at it.  After all, it sounded like a dream come true.  And it was, until just after they opened and then the third partner and executive chef began to show his true colors.  Elaine is known for keeping her cool, but she could only put up with so much of Trevor’s taunting, and then she exploded one night.


Trevor MacMillian had the best of everything growing up, and he was not surprised when he became an executive chef at a young age.  The best part was when he joined in with a really good friend and another partner in what is becoming known as “the restaurant” to be seen in and to eat in.  All was great, except the one fly in Trevor’s mist:  the third partner and pastry chef—Elaine.  She has a kind word and smile for everyone but him, it seems, so what does Trevor do but try to pick at her for a reaction.  Reaction is exactly what he gets—in the middle of the kitchen during a busy time.


Both Elaine and Trevor accepted the offer from their friend and other partner, Mick, for a weekend away.  But neither know that Mick has made them both the same offer for the exact same weekend…that is, until they both arrive at the cabin just as a snow storm descends upon them. Now, they have until the storm goes away, and they can leave the cabin to either come to terms with each other or come up with a way to exist together at the restaurant.  Neither expected the third solution that popped up pretty quickly.  But is it a true feeling, or just being snowbound in a cabin together?


Sparks fly when two highly talented people in their restaurant kitchen find themselves alone in a cabin surrounded by snow in Snowbound Seduction.  Elaine and Trevor can’t believe they were set-up by their friend and partner until they are told by him to work it out or face the reality that their fighting is hurting the restaurant they have all worked so hard to create.  I loved how Mick got both Elaine and Trevor in a position so that the feelings they had for each other, and that he could see just below the surface, could flame.  These were two stubborn people who both had secrets in their pasts that affected how they saw the other.  All it took for them to see that it wasn’t dislike, but rather passion sparking between them, was a small cabin in the middle of nowhere and a winter snow storm.  I loved how Trevor put it all on the line to show Elaine that he truly did love her, and that he was so much more than what the rags said he was.  Congrats to Mick for acting, but I think he might want to look over his shoulder for a while because I have a feeling that passion isn’t the only thing Trevor and Elaine will be cooking up.  Snowbound Seduction might be a short story, but it’s packed with fierce feelings and passion that just flies off the page and doesn’t leave you wanting more—except a chance to see how they get back at Mick.

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