Softly at Sunrise
by Maya Banks

Series: KGI #5.5
Published by Berkley Publishing Group Genres: Contemporary

Reviewed by Miranda

Rachel Kelly has come a long way since her plight with her husband Ethan in The Darkest Hour.  Rachel has done a lot of healing and is finally having a semblance of a normal life with her hero husband, Ethan.  They are moving into the Kelly compound and she can shed the last remnants of her haunting past and move forward.  Unfortunately, circumstances beyond her control land her back in the line of fire. Will Ethan be able to save her again?

Softly at Sunrise is a beautiful novella. It gives fans of the KGI series a glimpse into the current life of the couple that started it all Rachel and Ethan.  These two definitely left their mark on readers of The Darkest Hour.  They made us fall in love with the Kelly’s and have kept us running to the book stores to buy each book that comes out. 

I think Softly at Sunrise is a great way to extend Rachel and Ethan’s story.  These two suffered so much we all knew it was going to take them awhile to heal.  It’s great seeing where they are now and where they are headed.  There was just enough excitement to keep things spicy.  I would be happy to revisit these two anytime!


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