SOLAR STORM by Simone Anderson

SOLAR STORM by Simone AndersonSolar Storm by Simone Anderson
Series: Bissari Confederation #2
Genres: Erotic, Gay, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Respendence Publishing

Reviewed by Lisa

Playboy wild child Baynebridge Cormack is the youngest son of one of the Confederation’s wealthiest families.  Bayne takes a luxury starship cruise with friends before one goes into the military.  They planned lots of liquor and sex, instead they ended up with a life threatening solar storm that tears the starship in half. 

Left for dead amongst the rubble Bayne is rescued by the Sky Hawk, a merchant ship captained by the owner, Rogan.  Gossip and rumor consider Bayne reckless and incompetent, but as Rogan and the badly injured heir spend time together the captain discovers a thoughtful, intelligent man who fits perfectly in his arms.

Health issues aside, the Sky Hawk will travel past pirates and a powerful enemy who would like nothing better than to get their hands on a Cormack heir to use for political leverage.  Taking Bayne home is the plan, getting him there in one piece is the problem, even if he would rather stay on the Sky Hawk with Rogan.

A terrific blend of action, drama, and sensuality, Solar Storm is a futuristic wild ride.  Plot twists, a mystery or two, and an emotionally intense storyline keeps readers firmly invested in Bayne and Rogan’s adventure.  The characters worm their way into your heart and don’t let go.  Solar Storm has many layers and each is better than the last.  A seriously satisfying story you will read more than once or twice.

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