THE SOLDATI PRINCE by Charlie Cochet

THE SOLDATI PRINCE by Charlie CochetThe Soldati Prince by Charlie Cochet
Genres: Fantasy, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Closing up the coffee shop one late evening Riley Murrough is confronted by two men in black who morph into smelly, gooey globs.  As he’s screaming in his head and running for his life three men and a woman appear and morph into huge tigers that destroy the two gooey guys, as well as others who’d joined the nightmare party.


Next thing he knows tribal tattoos appear on his arm and the non smelly foursome are talking about Riley being the destined mate to their king.  Riley is introduced to King Khalon and his Soldati soldiers Rayner, Ezra, and Adira.  Unfortunately it’s the unfriendly, arrogant member of the group who is supposed to be Riley’s mate.


Obviously it’s a mistake of major proportions.  There’s no way an Immortal Soldati King could be mated to a human according to Khalon.  He insists on taking Riley to their home, which is in another magical dimension to straighten out this mess.  Their priestess will be able to release the human from a wrong destiny.  Otherwise the demons will continue going after him to weaken Khalon.


Remove the tattoo and Riley can go home – none the wiser.  That’s the plan.  Well, it’s a plan.  Getting to know each other along the way won’t change anything.  Right.


The Soldati Prince presents a seriously enjoyable opposites attract love story.  Sassy Riley and stick in the mud Khalon slowly warm up in this imaginative plotline.  Entertaining dialogue works well in the tense, well drawn tale.  Moments of high danger followed by witty humor briskly moves The Soldati Prince along.  Edge of your seat drama and a sneaky twist at the end will prove The Soldati Prince’s worth.


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