Son of a Preacher Man
by Arianna Hart

Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Source: Author

Nadya Sarov never thought that she would return to Dale, Georgia after she and her mother fled during the thick of the night twelve years ago.  Yet, here she is once again in Dale to take care of some family matters.  But this time, she refuses to allow the town folks to label her a gypsy outcast for she is now a successful lawyer from New York.


J.T. McBride is the son of the town’s preacher and Nadya was his high school sweetheart.  Occurrences drives them to lead different lives until years later fate reunited them.  This time around, J.T. refuses to allow Nadya to slip through his fingers.  Will J.T. be able to convince Nadya that she belongs in Dale, Georgia with him?  Especially, since someone is equally determined to run Nadya out of town once again.


Son of a Preacher Man is an enjoyable read filled with suspense, romance, and envy.  Whereas, it is somewhat easy to figure out the identity of the villain who has set its sights on threatening Nadya in the beginning of the storyline; the reasoning as to why is a surprising aspect in the conclusion of the novel.  And, if that is not enough for Nadya and J.T. to deal with, the couple also receive resentment from women who envied Nadya’s beauty and success.  The courtship of Nadya and J.T. is spicy and very lustful in nature.  Heat will definitely run its course through your body during their sexual encounters.  Although, there is no major shocking factor that will have you hanging on the edge of your seat, the storyline is well-written and a pleasure to read.

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