Song of the Navigator
by Astrid Amara

Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Source: Publisher

Life on the Dadelus-Kaku Station is everything Tover Duke could wish for.  He enjoys a privileged existence in the hotel penthouse with an aviary built to his specifications.  All because he was born with a gift that allows Tover to move objects with his mind.  There are only a handful of skilled navigators in the known universe and the Harmony Corporation likes to keep him happy and content.  The only thing his bosses frown on are his personal tastes in partners, even though it’s acceptable to have male companions.


After an extravagant birthday celebration Tover is shocked when his sometime lover Cruz Arcadio forcibly kidnaps him.  Tover can’t believe that the man he secretly loves is nothing more than a Pulmon Verde terrorist fighting the imminent terraforming of Cruz’s native planet Carida.


Tover suffers unimaginable hell after Cruz sells him and abandons him on a station run by brutal mercenaries.  His captors break Tover physically and mentally before Cruz returns to rescue him.  Taken to Carida to heal his hatred of Cruz is understandable.  Once he finally listens to his one time lover and the truth is presented he doesn’t know how he can go back to his past life.  The only certainty is that the Harmony Corporation isn’t about to lose their golden boy regardless of what he’s learned.  After all they are behind the coming destruction of Carida.


An emotional tour de force, Song of the Navigator compels the reader to feel this story.  From a rarified life to a bare bones existence Tover’s world is shaken apart.  Incredibly moving, the navigator endures a living nightmare and the reader is right there alongside him.  Song of the Navigator skillfully blends a taunt drama with tense situations and sexual intensity.  Brutal, challenging, and action packed Tover and Cruz overcome the odds.  Be ready to applaud these characters. Strap in for a wild ride in Song of the Navigator.

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