SONG OF SONG by L. J. LaBarthe

SONG OF SONG by L. J. LaBarthe
Song of Song
by L. J. LaBarthe

Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: MM, Science Fiction
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Earth in the year 2275 is a playground for the rich while the rest of the population is scattered throughout the colonies in the system.  Engineered humans called Boxies are the labor force.  Their lives are bound by a set grid of allowed travel where they work and reside in each of the major cities.  To add empathy to the Boxies they were assigned a variety of small AI pets but the experiment failed.  The Boxies began to show concern for others, to think beyond their training so their pets were recalled to be shut off.  The government was obviously perplexed by the rash of Boxie suicides and other disruptive behaviors.


A Boxie in the Australian tower, Dex742A-GR23 who designed and worked on deep space starships was assigned a generic AI house cat as his pet.  Dex named the cat Manx and hid his best friend when the recall was announced.  He quietly gathered every credit he had coming and fled the city with Manx hidden inside his jacket.  Paying for passage aboard a pirate ship Dex and Manx planned to take refuge on one of the far colony planets.


Dex was soon to learn that fate had different plans for the gentle human and his cat.  Plans that would take them across the system and back with the most wanted people in the galaxy.  The Boxie would discover what love truly meant and why hatred was pointless.  Earth would be changed…by a Boxie and the man he loved.


Readers are treated to a high octane, sweeping adventure in Song of Song.  The disparity between the wealthy and everyone else is never more evident than in this riveting space drama. Can’t help falling in love with Dex and the rest of the characters are just as interesting in their own way.  Fascinating twists will keep everyone guessing as Song of Song unfolds and tells its tale.  This futuristic story has it all.

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