SONG OF SOULS by S. J. Frost

SONG OF SOULS by S. J. FrostSong of Souls by S. J. Frost
Series: Terra #3
Genres: Fantasy, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by MLR Press

It may not be the most lucrative career, yet Lark wouldn’t trade his gift of song and lute playing for anything in the world.  The same couldn’t be said of his gift for seeing and communicating with the souls of the dead.  Lark’s special talent most definitely causes problems with the love of his life.


Master thief Zain, also known as the assassin Black Fox, has never failed on a mission.  Falling in love with a minstrel who can see the souls of the dead is causing all kinds of difficulties between them, though if asked Zain would as soon cut off his talented arm as stop loving Lark.


Things have been quiet lately in Forest’s End, maybe too quiet.  At least it seemed so until bodies began turning up.  An evil permeates the poor sections of town.  An attempt on Lark’s life one late evening adds to the feeling of danger.  Someone is stalking the minstrel and it’s not for his beautiful voice, at least not completely.  Lark and Zain may be forced to call upon their friends to help them rid Forest’s End of an ancient enemy.  Their love will certainly be put to the test.  As long as Zain doesn’t break Lark’s heart everything else can be worked out.  Including catching a monster.


Tumble into the third spellbinding Terra tale Song of Souls.  A rich blend of fantasy, romance, and drama takes readers on an incredibly lush, addictive ride.  This well written masterful plotline opens the door to tell Lark and Zain’s difficult love story.   Song of Souls focuses on the lovers, but characters from previous books return to help save the day.  Fans will love hearing from everyone in the large cast in this standalone tale.  Author S.J. Frost has boundless imagination where the world of Terra is concerned, Song of Souls is the latest magical offering.  And accepted with great pleasure.

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