SONS OF THE COUNTRYSIDE by Jenni MichaelsSons of the Countryside by Jenni Michaels
Genres: Fantasy, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press


The kingdom of Aillis was ruled by the mighty Phela.  Their race calls themselves the Mac Tire.  These werewolf shifters lived in peace with humans.  All was well until a group of humans calling themselves the Council seized power and brutally slaughtered the Phela ruling family.  The surviving Mac Tire were banished to the mountains of Cairn.


When the Council took power they began to hunt down humans with magical power.  No matter the age they were taken from their homes to be raised and trained for the Council’s benefit.


Growing up Knox Cane was protected by his father.  Unfortunately the day came when soldiers arrived.  They beat his father and imprisoned him.  Knox is told that the only way he will ever see his beloved parent again is to use his magical gifts to find the last remaining Phela prince.


Their first meeting may be unorthodox, but that doesn’t change what happens next.  How can Knox turn in Cailean Phela, the last prince after they spend time together and knowing what the Council has planned?  Torn between love for his father and a love just beginning Knox isn’t sure which was to turn.  Soon, the choice won’t be his to make.


A magical adventure, a mighty journey Sons of the Countryside is a fantastical tale.  Centering on naïve Knox and the more mature Cailean their romance takes time to evolve.  At first a subtle romance and later enduring love.  Politics, soldiers, a rag tag army, and a Magus and Prince.  Sons of the Countryside has a lovely gentle romantic tale and a righteous revolution.  Engaging characters, nonstop action, and very little sexual contact Sons of the Countryside reads like a classic old fashioned love story.

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