Soothing His Tempest
by Ellen Cross

Series: Preternatural Rescue Centre #8
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

It is up to Lucien, an Elemental, to direct the storm and the violent lightning so the guardians can rescue one of their own from the clutches of the shadowkin and the dark Mages.  During the mission a lightning strike accidentally grazes a peregrine falcon in the sky.  In a heroic effort Lucien manages to catch the injured bird of prey as it spirals to the ground.


Taking the unconscious falcon back to the guardians’ bunker for healing the group is stunned to see the peregrine is in fact a shifter.  But no one is more surprised than Lucien as he recognizes Perry, his childhood best friend.


Perry tells the group of being used by the dark Mages in some kind of horrible ceremony.  He also tells them of three other shifters who desperately need to be saved too.


As they search for the others Perry and Lucien renew their friendship and know that they are meant to be together as mates.  What no one saw coming was the danger still following the falcon.  When Perry goes missing Lucien is frantic to save his love.  He will unleash a storm of epic proportions to save the shifter he’s fallen for.


A danger packed drama.  Readers are drawn into Soothing His Tempest as Lucien uses the power of the storm to save Perry from harm.  Torn apart as young love began, the Elemental and the shifter find happiness as adults in this sexy, tender tale.  The guardians’ battle against evil continues in the eighth Preternatural Rescue Centre story.  Each love story in the series is intertwined with their fight and should be read in order to truly enjoy.  Embrace the romance and deny the darkness in Soothing His Tempest.

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