THE SORCERER’S GUARDIAN by Antonia Aquilante

THE SORCERER’S GUARDIAN by Antonia AquilanteThe Sorcerer's Guardian by Antonia Aquilante
Series: Chronicles of Tournai
Genres: Fantasy, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

The peaceful principality of Tournai is threatened by a faraway kingdom governed by a power hungry ruler bent on owning the world.  Prince Phillip and his consort Prince Amory have charged their most skilled sorcerer Savarin with charting suspicious weaknesses in the centuries old magical barrier surrounding their land.  They must do all they can to fortify Tournai from the threat.


As a child of dockland laborers Savarin was never expected to manifest such powerful magical talent, especially at so early an age.  Well aware that most people shy away from his presence Savarin leads a solitary life.  He spends his time studying anything and everything to do with magic to better strengthen his gifts.


Following Prince Phillip’s command the sorcerer is sent to map the outer reaches of their lands.  Savarin is dismayed when the prince insists that Loriot, Captain of the royal guard, accompany and protect the sorcerer.  Worse, as time goes by he feels an inexplicable desire for the captain.  Nothing must interfere with his work.  The princes are counting on him. To be distracted by a handsome man is madness, simple madness.


A rich blend of fantasy, drama, and romance comes alive in the latest Chronicles of Tournai story The Sorcerer’s Guardian.  Excellent characterization drives the tale of an arrogant sorcerer and a noble captain who have absolutely nothing in common except their love of Tournai and the ruling family.  The unlikely romance slowly unfolds as the pair journey across the country.  The Sorcerer’s Guardian believably eases into their developing relationship and sets the stage for a powerful climax.  Another unique and entertaining tale from Tournai.

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