SOUL SEEKERS by Jake C. Wallace

SOUL SEEKERS by Jake C. WallaceSoul Seekers by Jake C. Wallace
Genres: Fantasy, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Levi Reed has never had an easy life.  From his earliest memories onward Levi’s been unable to feel emotions like everyone else. Sometimes he gets fleeting blips but never anything like the rest of the people in his life.  It’s as if Levi has been drained of all feeling.   The world is always in shades of gray.


What emotions he has comes in the form of depression and debilitating panic attacks.  If it wasn’t for the love of his big brother Logan and his best friend Gia there’d be no reason for Levi to bother with the struggle.  Logan has always had his back no matter the situation and as for Gia, they’ve known each other since elementary school.  The little Italian spitfire never lets Levi down.


After high school Levi managed to get a full scholarship at a college several hours away, but it all crashed and burned within months.  It was too difficult for Levi to be around so many people and the crush of their emotions.  The one bright spot was his friendship with Dr. Winters, a professor who continued to keep in touch even after Levi returned home.   Refusing to give up completely Levi is taking classes at the nearby community college where Gia attends.


A sudden burst in panic attacks proves to be the least of his recent problems.  A fellow student, Noah Macy is being too pushy and a stranger is following him.  When he finally answers Dr. Winter’s request for a visit Levi comes face to face with his shadow, one Jeb Monroe.  The doctor and his stalker fill his mind with bizarre information about Seers and Keepers.  A new world has opened up for Levi and the more he hears the more he’s in danger.  If he believes what he’s being told Levi is in grave danger and everything apparently hinges on his very soul.


An intriguing and unique story is told in Soul Seekers.  Sometimes dark, always intense Soul Seekers challenges readers with an original plotline.  The bonds of brotherhood and friendship, as well as a burgeoning romance are the glue holding this tale together.  Both Levi and Jeb flounder with feelings they are ill equipped to handle.  For one it’s the first love and the other a hardened heart is cracking open.  The primary plotline involving souls, Seekers, Keepers, and the rest is unfortunately sometimes difficult to decipher.  It’s frustrating at times because it’s so important to the plotline, but the relationships Levi has with Logan, Gia, his father, and Jeb keeps Soul Seekers alive.

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