SOULCERESS by Linsey Hall

SOULCERESS by Linsey Hall
by Linsey Hall

Series: The Mythean Arcana #2
Published by Bonnie Doon Press Genres: Paranormal
Source: Author


Esha Connor works for the Immortal University, now at least, but she is used to being on her own and, actually, she still is even surrounded by the many people at the university.  That is because Esha is a Soulceress, a powerful one even being as young as she is and apparently the last one of her kind.  Esha was an orphan and has never known the closeness or feelings of friends, family, or even a close relationship.  Because Soulceresses get their power from the energy of others, the other Mythean’s just aren’t comfortable with that.


Warren Campbell runs the Immortal University along with a Goddess and a Council, which he heads.  Warren has worked hard to gain his position, and yet he is hiding a secret from those around him.  Long ago, Warren made a choice to save lives after not being able to save the one life he had been hired to safely transport.  Warren has good relationships with just about everyone at the university, except Esha.  There are two reasons for this: one is his attraction to her that is so intense, and the second is his secret that only she can really see if given the chance.


Esha and Warren end up teamed together when a powerful Soulceress, Aurora, escapes the prison she was in.  Esha has agreed to go on this hunt, but for very different reasons than Warren. She wants to meet the only other living Soulceress, while Warren wants to destroy her or at least get her back into the prison she escaped, and he can only do this with Esha’s help.  As Warren and Esha work together, their attraction becomes a passion while at the same time there are things that each is holding close that isn’t allowing a true partnership.  When the clues that Aurora has given Esha leads them to a place that was once the Soulceress stronghold, many answers are given to Esha and Warren.  Now in order for both Esha and Warren to get what they are both after it will take all the teamwork and understanding between them to make it out alive.  Esha might have just found all she ever wanted only to lose it in a matter of hours, and Warren might lose more than what he gave away.


A powerful woman and a man with a powerful secret come together on a journey that will give them all they ever dreamed of in Soulceress.  Esha had only faced adversity in her life, and I really wanted her to get something she wanted by the time I learned her story.  Seeing Warren trying to keep his secret and not give in to his attraction to Esha had me just shaking my head.  I wasn’t surprised at just how hot their passion ran once given the chance.  The truth about just how Esha, Warren, and Aurora were intertwined was an excellent twist.  I also loved how in the end it was the snubbed ones who won the day.  Soulceress takes suspense and passion into new twists and turns before letting love of all forms win the day.

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