SPEAKIN’ OF THE DEVIL by Gabrielle Evans

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SPEAKIN’ OF THE DEVIL by Gabrielle EvansSpeakin' of the Devil by Gabrielle Evans
Series: Gods of Chaos #5
Published by Siren-BookStrand Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Sweat, grit, and long days.  Hardworking Benson Stone made his dreams come true with the success of Silverstone Ranch.  Yet, for some reason Benson never feels satisfied, never feels happy with his accomplishments.   He hungers for what others receive, cheated out of his due.


An evening at Club Maverick is supposed to simply scratch an itch and nothing more.  That’s the plan until Benson runs into Zavist, a God of Chaos and unknowingly sets himself up for a lesson he won’t ever forget.  A lesson in humility and morality is about to be learned or flunked.  It’s up to Benson whether he takes everything to heart.  Pass or fail, Benson won’t likely forget what happens next.


Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes takes on poetic meaning for one mortal in the fifth Gods of Chaos story.  Speakin’ of the Devil lightly explores the ‘glass half empty’ morality.  Human vices, decency, and the character of a person comes to the fore as Benson has an eye opening experience.  A pleasurable romance weaves through Benson’s journey which adds the right amount of tenderness to this lesson in ethics.  Enjoy Speakin’ of the Devil as one man’s heart and soul is forever changed.


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