SPELL FALL by Jacob Z. Flores

SPELL FALL by Jacob Z. FloresSpell Fall by Jacob Z. Flores
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

High school senior Drake Carpenter has learned the hard way that life isn’t always fair.  The loss of his parents and leaving his Texas home was difficult.  At least his Aunt Millie was there for him.  And he held his own against a snotty senior called Mason Blackmoor.


Everything changed once more when Drake discovered the world of magic through Mason, the boy he fell in love with.  Tragedy struck again when evil beings murdered his beloved Aunt Milly.  It seems as though every time Drake turns around something awful or fantastic is going on.  If someone had told Drake a year ago that he’d be surrounded by warlocks and other beings who care for him, never mind Mason who loves Drake with his entire heart, the teen wouldn’t have believed it.


At the moment the Blackmoor family and their lovers, including Drake, are searching for an evil stronger than anything they’ve come across so far.  Oh, and there’s a new boy at school, Will Hopkins who Drake feels kind of sorry for and Mason doesn’t trust.  The one certainty is knowing that together they are stronger and able to face any evil.  Before long new revelations are going to strain their love to the nth degree. Seems it’s time to prove their bond yet again.


Deliciously dark and incredibly loving Spell Fall is finally here.  Book four in the highly absorbing series The Warlock Brothers of Havenbridge returns readers to their action packed magical world once more.  The newly revealed secrets are unbelievable.  Totally addictive, Spell Fall keeps readers on the edge of their seats.  And the series never disappoints with great characters and always imaginative storylines.  Drake and Mason are impossible to resist.  Curl up and relax with Spell Fall.

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