A SPICED APPLE WINTER by Emma CaneA Spiced Apple Winter by Emma Cane
Series: Fairfield Orchard #2
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Avon


I really enjoyed the first book in this series so when I saw A Spiced Apple Winter was about Amy’s twin brother Tyler I was super excited. Tyler was an actor on a daytime soap that was cancelled, but when his parents retired, he and his siblings agreed to take turns coming home to save the Orchard. About six months ago he met up with Brianna in New York and they shared drinks and then had one night together. When they both wake up the next morning they both agree that it was a mistake but Tyler can’t get her off his mind and it doesn’t help that they don’t even act comfortable around each other anymore.


Things between Tyler and Brianna become a little more strained when Tyler’s ex costar comes to visit him running from a scandal of her own. They began to fake date and Brianna starts to think maybe everything that happened between them was all one sided on her end. The way the story is told you can see they are into one another but neither of them is making the next move which I was really desperate for.


A Spiced Apple Winter started out on the slow side for me and not much was really happening at first other than a few glances until Tyler finally tells Brianna that him and Gabby are fake dating and he can’t forget the night they spent together. I didn’t really feel a strong connection to Brianna and Tyler, I’m not sure if it had to do with them not getting together until maybe sixty percent in or the fact they didn’t really spend that much time together alone.


Brianna was a great heroine, she was sweet and was very close with her family. I did think at times she was taking on too much but I liked how she wanted to spend more time with her father since he has Alzheimer’s. Tyler was a good friend and I loved how he finally stood up and didn’t want to hide his growing relationship with Brianna. There were times I would get frustrated and wonder when he would man up and tell the world how into Brianna he actually was. Brianna said she wanted fun with him but I couldn’t help but feel a little bad for her. I mean she really hasn’t dated much and she really likes Tyler but she knows that eventually he will go back to acting and only visit like he did before.

As far as the romance went it was just okay for me. Nothing really stuck out and made it memorable. There were a few love scenes but they felt a little rushed. Sometimes I enjoy when the characters have the urgency to be with one another but other times I want it drawn out so I can get a feel for the feelings they are sharing on a deeper level. The story really started to take shape about half way and made me want to stick with it until the end. Brianna and Tyler started to have more of a connection than I thought when the story first started and as the story was coming to an end I started to enjoy it a bit more.


Emma Cane did a lovely job at having this story take place over the holidays. I really enjoyed how they dressed up for Halloween. Tyler and Brianna ended up matching which they didn’t plan but I thought it was cute.


I do like this series and love the whole siblings saving the Orchard idea and in the end I was glad I read A Spiced Apple Winter. I am excited to read more of this series and get to know the Fairfield siblings’ more. Noah was introduced in this story and he’s a chef so I’m intrigued to read more about him and find out who his love interest will be so just maybe his story will be next.

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