STAR CROSSED by Astrid Cooper

STAR CROSSED by Astrid Cooper
Star Crossed
by Astrid Cooper

Published by eXtasy Books Genres: Gay, Science Fiction
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Reviewed by Lisa

Twenty years ago the Voltans went to war when they discovered the human race, a race that refused to bow down to them.  The war rages on.

Weary after months of space trading on the rim, Devin, a Voltan is ready for some downtime.  Paying for a sexmate from the Pleasure Dome should take care of Devin’s immediate concerns.  The sexmate they send over however is not what Devin is expecting.  He’s filthy and starving and human.

Devin prefers to trade on the rim and avoid the war on the other side of the galaxy.  Now it has come directly to him in the form of a human star ship officer sold into slavery by the Voltans and desperate to get home any way he can.

Whether at cross-purposes or Star Crossed, Devin and the human fight against their unusual fate as hard as possible.  War is never pretty and these two learn the price their people are paying at the hands of propaganda and lies.  The romantic aspect of Star Crossed is only hinted at whereas their struggle to communicate and listen to each other comes across more strongly.  Fascinating though don’t go looking for hearts and flowers.

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